Whilst we do all we can to accommodate Riders, Safety is our first priority.

Below are general restrictions for Safety and compliance.

Weight Guideline

Individual weight in back seat must not exceed 100 kgs.

(You don’t want to be the straw that broke the Camels back)


  • Pregnant women and people with pre-existing back, neck or hip injuries are advised not to ride.
  • Riders may not choose which camel they ride.
  • A single Rider may be paired with another single Rider.
  • Please note, that each camel may carry two persons.
  • Prices are for one seat not one camel.
  • Riders under the influence of Drugs or Alcohol will Not be permitted to ride.
  • No Smoking is permitted on the Camel Ride.
  • Riders are not permitted to carry large, heavy bags whilst riding, these along with any other items can be stored in our vehicle.
  • We kindly ask that you refrain from taking photo’s during our Safety talk and while loading Riders on the camels.

Disability Access

  •  The decision to allow people with disabilities to ride is solely at the discretion of the Cameleer.
  • All Riders must be able to exit a wheelchair and maintain an upright seated position throughout the Camel ride.
  • Due to our Safety Standards, some Riders may not be able to ride the Camels.

Our ride Operators will make the final decision on who will be able to ride. Many factors are considered, including a Riders body shape and size, relative to the size of the Camel and the camel saddle.

We appreciate your understanding.