Coffs Coast Camels provide Camel Rides along the beautiful Boambee Beach.  This iconic experience will leave you feeling relaxed, captivated and the team will ensure you leave with the most remarkable life time memories. The friendly and professional Staff will provide you with a wealth of information about the Camels and their history.  The comfortable saddles aboard our well trained and friendly Camels will ensure you have a safe and enjoyable experience. 

Coffs Coast Camels was established in 2010 with 4 Camels. Lionel  purchased Coffs Coast Camels in 2015 and he have successfully developed the business into owning 25 Camels.

Lionel has been training camels and doing camel rides for the last 25 years, 


Camel Facts

NAME                         Camelus dromedarius – Dromedary Camel

LIFE SPAN               Domestic camels approx.  40 to 50 years. Wild Camels approx.  30 years

WEIGHT                   Bull camels (male) -between 800 – 1000 kg.  Cow camel (female) – 800 kg.

HEIGHT                    A fully grown adult camel stands 1.85m / 6 feet at the shoulder and 2.15 / 7feet at the hump.

STRENGTH              A working camel can comfortable carry half their own body weight for 6-8 hours a day. 

SPEED                         Normal amble speed for a walking camel is 5kph. Racing camels gallop at approx. 25kph.

FEET                            Camels have broad,flat, leathery pads with 2 toes on each foot.When walking the camel moves both feet on one side of its body

,                                        then both feet on the other side. 

HUMP                           Contrary to popular belief, a camel does not store water in its hump. It is in fact a mound of fatty tissue from which the camel draws energy when food is hard to find.

WATER                        Camels need very little water if their regular diet contains good, moisture rich pasture. On average they consume 20-30 litres per day in the domestic environment. A severely dehydrated                                                   camel can drink 100 litres of water in ten minutes

FOOD                            Camels of Australia eat 82% of the plants available to them in the wild. Domestically keep camels. like ours, are fed a diet of oaten and lucerne hay,